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On a regular basis I get asked to speak, host, emcee, present and participate in both scripted and improvised activities for a variety of businesses, organizations and events. Public speaking might be one of the top fears, but for me it’s one of

the most fun things I enjoy doing. Give me a stage and a mic and I’m at home ready to turn it ON…and I don’t mean the mic.


For bookings, please email:


• Panelist, "Wonder Women," SCAD aTVfest; Atlanta, GA, 27 February 2020

• Featured Speaker (5k attendees), Animal Rights March; New York, NY, 1 September 2018

• Panelist, "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll", Events at the Apple Store; New York, NY 20 July 2015

• Panelist, "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll", Comic Con San Diego; San Diego, CA, 12 July 2015 

• Panelist, "Film & Ethics", Texas Bar Association; San Antonio, TX, 18 June 2015

• Panelist, "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll", ATX Television Festival; Austin, TX, 5 June 2015

• Keynote Address, “Heart & Soul: UT’s Ties to Television, Stage and Cinema”; Development Programs and UT     Alliance of Women Philanthropists; Knoxville, TN, 10 March 2012
• Keynote Address, Annual Holiday Gala: Carroll County Humane Society; Mackenzie, TN, 12 November 2011
• Panelist, “Deep in the Heart”; Austin Film Festival, Austin, TX, 23-24 October 2011
• Featured Speaker, Future Farmers of America (FFA) National Conference (15k attendees); Indianapolis, IN,

  19-22 October 2011
• Featured Speaker, Puppy Mill Awareness Day; Los Angeles, CA, 17 September 2011
• Featured Speaker, Future Farmers of America (FFA) TX State Conference (9k attendees); Lubbock, TX,

  13-14 July 2011
• Panelist, Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema; Idyllwild, CA, 15 January 2010
• Featured Speaker, “Passport to Dine”, Birmingham AIDS Outreach; Birmingham, AL, 27 March 2010
• Featured Speaker, Secret City Film Festival; Oak Ridge, TN, 10 October 2009
• Panelist, “Fading of the Cries”; Dragon Con; Atlanta, GA, 5 August 2009
• Panelist, “Dear Lemon Lima”, The Los Angeles Film Festival; Los Angeles, CA, 20-23 June 2009
• Panelist, “Rock Slyde”, AFI Dallas International Film Festival; Dallas, TX, 31 March – 1April 2009
• Featured Speaker, “National Day of Silence”, Los Angeles Unified School District; Los Angeles, CA, 25 April 2008
• Panelist, “Actors’ Panel”, Salem Film Festival; Salem, OR, 22 April 2007
• Panelist, “Pass It On”, Central Valley Correctional Center; McFarland, CA, 4 December 2007
• Featured Speaker, “Pass It On” SoCal Conference; San Diego, CA, 20 October 2007
• Featured Speaker, “Youth Summit for Online Safety”, i-SAFE America & Microsoft, Los Angeles, CA, 28 April 2006
• Featured Speaker, Tarrent Arts Council; Tarrent, AL, 6-7 May 2005
• Panelist, Hollywood Master Storytellers; Hollywood, CA, 2005
• Faculty, What the Bleep Do We Know?! Axiom Conferences; Portland, OR, 2005
• Faculty, What the Bleep Do We Know?! Axiom Conferences; Boulder, CO, 29 April – 2 May 2005
• Featured Speaker, What the Bleep Do We Know?! Axiom Conferences, Featured Speaker, Santa Monica, CA,

  5 February 2005
• Keynote Address, Zuni High School Commencement Exercises; Zuni, NM, 28 May 1999
• Panelist, “Entertainment and Corporate Communications”, B C Consulting Seminar; Los Angeles, CA,

  20 January 1997


• Co-Host (with Grammy Award© nominee Ty Herndon), "Christmas in August", Central Alabama Theatre;       Birmingham, AL, 28 August 2018

• Emcee, The Animal Museum Premiere Opening; Los Angeles, CA, 4 December 2016

• Presenter, "10 Year Anniversary Gala", Animal Equality; Los Angeles, CA, 20 November 2016

• Co-Emcee, "Hope for the Holidays", Stray Rescue St. Louis; St. Louis, MO, 5 December 2015

• Presenter/Auctioneer, "Stray Cat Club"' Stray Cat Alliance; Beverly HIlls, CA, 24 October 2015

• Host, The National Museum of Animals & Society Gala; Los Angeles, CA, 16 May 2015

• Presenter (on-camera), "World Dog Awards", CW Network; Los Angeles, CA, 10 January 2015

• Presenter, "The National Animal Rights Canference", FARM; Los Angeles, CA July 2014

• Emcee, "National Animal Rights Day", NARD; Los Angeles, CA, 2 June 2014

• Presenter, "ACLU Bill of Rights Dinner"; American Civil Liberties Union; Los Angeles, CA 3 December 2012

• Emcee, “One Million Animals Gala”; Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM); Beverly Hills, CA, 11 May 2012

• Emcee, “14th Annual Hope for the Holidays”; Stray Rescue St. Louis Annual Gala; St. Louis, MO,

  1 December 2012
• Co-Host (with former NFL Player Chris Draft), “Shine a Light on Lung Cancer”; Lung Cancer Alliance; Atlanta, GA,   13 November 2012

• Host, “Pets 90210” (on-camera); Pet Care Foundation; Los Angeles, CA, 2008-2011
• Emcee “13th Annual Hope for the Holidays”; Stray Rescue St. Louis Annual Gala; St. Louis, MO, 4 December 2011
• Emcee, “PAWSitively Perfect”; Animal Rescue Corps & Pet Care Foundation; Beverly Hills, CA,

  17 September 2011
• Co-Host, “Supreme Master Television’s 5th Anniversary: ‘The Real Love’ Musical & Don McLean”; 

  Supreme Master Television; Pasadena, CA, 27 August 2011
• Emcee, “Spring for Strays”; Stray Rescue of St. Louis; St. Louis, MO, 1 May 2011
• Presenter, “6th Annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards”; Los Angeles, CA, 29 January 2011
• Emcee, “Storytime”; In Defense of Animals Fundraiser; Los Angeles, CA, 29 July 2010
• Emcee, Press Conference; In Defense of Animals, NYC City Hall; New York, NY, 17 July 2010
• Host, “Passport to Dine”; Birmingham AIDS Outreach; Birmingham, AL, 28 March 2010
• Host, “ACME This Week”; Los Angeles Comedy Festival; Los Angeles, CA, 2 May 2009
• Host, “Fundraising in the Spotlight”; Leaving Ladies Behind; Los Angeles, CA, 17 January 2009
• Host, “11th Annual Ribbon of Hope Celebration”; Pasadena, CA, 30 January 2008
• Presenter, “The National Awards Dinner”; Family Equality Council; Los Angeles, CA, 13 October 2007
• Presenter, “4th Annual Artivist Awards”; Artivist Film Festival & Artivist Awards; Los Angeles, CA,

  11 November 2007
• Presenter, “ 24th Annual Outfest Awards”; Outfest: LA Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; Los Angeles, CA,

  17 July 2007
• Presenter, “30th Annual Gala Dinner”; Los Angeles Regional Food Bank; Los Angeles, CA, 18 September 2003
• Host, “Sunset Strips”; AIDS Healthcare Foundation; Los Angeles, CA, 25 October 1998

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