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Growing up in the foothills of the mountains of East Tennessee I could have easily fell into circles that don’t hold “The Golden Rule” as near and dear to them as they could. Fortunately, my family demonstrated more than mere tolerance, they taught me acceptance. There was never a friend I couldn’t have over, nor was I to think a person was worth less (or more) than me. I am grateful for my middle-class family’s diverse roots (I’m a true-blue American Mutt) that keep my feet planted firmly in the ground.


My family also nurtured my creative spirit and encouraged me to be who I am. I grew up on "Sesame Street", "Mr. Rogers", "The Electric Company", "Zoom"," Free To Be…You And Me", and "School House Rock." Later in life I found myself drawn to study World War II and the atrocities that occurred hidden behind iron gates. Atrocities that are still happening today – to humans and animals alike. I was pushed to think for myself and stand up for others which has lead me to the truth: We Are All One.


P.S. Proud [former] Girl Scout of America. Holla!

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