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by Nora Lynch

You might recognize my friend, Elaine Hendrix. She’s been in tons of projects that are a part of some of Hollywood's most memorable history makers. Big studio numbers including The Parent Trap, Inspector Gadget 2, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, SNL's Superstar & more! (It’s spooky how many successful franchises Elaine pops up in.)


If you prefer the cooler indy scene, she’s done her fair share of those, too. Adopt A Highway, Low LowLezBomb are some of my favorites. You’ll also find her in some of everyone's favorite cult classics, including What the Bleep Do We Know?!Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. (Incidentally, you can now stream many of these films in the comfort of your own home.) More on her Movies here.


Do you prefer TV? She’s guest starred on loads of hit shows, and recurred regularly on many more. Elaine has starred in some hot series, too, like FX’s "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" with Denis Leary. (Denis trusted her enough to tailor the role especially to showcase her acting, singing and dancing, plus their chemistry is fire, so I highly recommend checking out this ditty.)


If you watch The Hallmark Channel you can’t miss her during the holidays. She’s starred in FOUR made-for-TV Christmas movies! And now, she’s lighting up *another* big time TV franchise playing the iconic 'Alexis Carrington' on The CW's reboot of "Dynasty." (What are the others you ask? She starred in a "Get Smart" remake and a made-for-TV movie of "The Munsters." How cool is that?) More on her TV shows here.


Are you a gamer? Then maybe you know Elaine from her performance in a successful game franchise: as 'Alex Wesker' in "Resident Evil: Revelations 2." (I guess when it comes to the big brand stuff, people trust Elaine Hendrix. I'm so proud.) 


When not in production, Elaine finds time to perform in live theater whenever possible. She’s done regional theater as well as successful runs Off Broadway. (Mind you, with some epic board-treaders like four-time Academy Award nominee Marsha Mason, Tony Award nominee Randal Myler, Emmy Award winner Patricia Richardson, and Emmy Award winner Jessica Walter.) As a classically-trained dancer in both jazz and modern, Elaine’s original professional home is the stage. She returns there as often as possible, whether for charity or a full production.


Some of the weirder stuff she’s done? She’s got keys to TWO cities! (No kidding.) St. Louis, MO has an official Elaine Hendrix Day. (December 4th.) She’s the only person *I* know who has been immortalized as FOUR different McDonald's Happy Meal Toys made after her character 'G2'! (You gotta admit that's pretty cool.) Back in the day, she danced in a slew of early rap videos and she got to be the big cheese at the Rose Bowl "Tournament of Roses Parade" once. (She is truly a woman about town.) More on her awards and honors here.


If you only know Elaine from the screen, you might be kinda scared of her. That’s because Movie Elaine is sometimes a Total Bitch. (And she's REALLY good at it. Sigourney Weaver even said so.) I think it’s the cool, blonde Grace Kelly-type beauty or the perfectly arched eyebrows over those ice blue eyes, but… she’s often cast as mean, conniving and selfish. That’s funny to me since the real Elaine is anything but. She’s warm and funny — goofy, even — a regular girl with a great sense of humor who’s just a blast to be around. What's more, she loves giving back. More on her teaching here.


While acting is her profession, advocacy is her vocation. Along with arts and the environment, she regularly fights for the rights of animals. It's her greatest passion and she's done enough on their behalf for me to write an entire story on just that alone. But I won't. Instead, you can find out more about Elaine Hendrix, the Activist here.


Anyway, the simple truth is, to know Elaine Hendrix is to love her. I know I do. Of course, I have to get in a pretty long line that includes, not just lots of other friends and fans, but her own family of furry companions: canines Ellie & Huckleberry and felines Kimbo & Lou. Luckily for all of us, there's plenty of Elaine Love to go around.


TOP PHOTO: Attending the Kennedy Center Honors

MIDDLE PHOTO: Red carpet at a TV Guide Emmy's event

BOTTOM PHOTO: On the set of "Dynasty" as 'Alexis Carrington'

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