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Whether it’s physical, mental or emotional, I’m a big believer in mind-body-spirit wellness; and I support traditional as well as alternative healing methods. To that end I champion several organizations that do everything from work on cures for cancer to feed hungry people to provide support for various health challenges and more. My personal top health priorities: service to animals and humans, drink lots of water, balance work/play/charity, dance as much as possible, develop close relations with friends and family, focus on being happy and have fun!

Health-E Triv-E-a:
♥ Red Cross certified in dog and cat first-aid
♥ Haven’t had a Coke since 1982 – I now drink mostly water and green tea
♥ Classically trained jazz and modern dancer…and still go to class
♥ Firsthand studied many world religions and philosophies and currently practice Nichiren Buddhism
♥ Cancer runs in my family, so I get regular check-ups
♥ Suffered (and recovered) from depression and anxiety disorders
♥ Appendix burst in 2004, and I was in the hospital for a week
♥ Hit by a car while riding a bicycle in 1992, it helped shift my focus from dancing to acting
♥ Never done any form of recreational drugs including marijuana, though I’m highly in favor of legalizing it and using it for medical purposes
♥ Getting support for any challenges in life whether it be a coach, trainer, therapist or support group can be life-changing

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